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There are 14 rooms available on the Van Houten Library’s 3rd floor as study rooms for one (1) to seven (7) people. Reservations for Library Study Rooms can be made up to seven (7) days in advance by using the Group Study Room online reservation system. Individuals can reserve study rooms up to four (4) hours per day. 

  1. Library study rooms are only available for NJIT students, faculty, and staff members, and Rutgers-Newark students currently enrolled in NJIT courses. No more than seven (7) people may use a room at one time.

  2. The individual who makes the reservation must come to the Circulation Desk and provide their own NJIT ID card in exchange for the room key. Failure to do this may result in the cancellation of the reservation.

  3. Key holders should never leave the library with the key in their possession. Failure to observe this rule may result in revocation of study room privileges.   

  4. There is a $25.00 fee for a lost key.

  5. The individual who makes the reservation is responsible for any damages to the study room equipment or furniture. Study room users should report any existing damage upon entering the room.

    1. Damages or other conditions that require attention by Library staff should be reported to the Circulation Desk by phone (973) 596-6371, or by using the QR code in each room.

    2. Any unresolved disputes will be forwarded to the Dean of Students Office

  6. Study rooms should remain in use for the entirety of the reservation. If any room is noted to be unoccupied for more than ten (10) minutes, Library staff may remove personal belongings to the Circulation Desk, which may be sent to the NJIT Department of Public Safety, and cancel the reservation.

  7. Individuals should vacate the study room when their reservation expires or when a new occupant arrives with a “Time Is Up” card from the Circulation Desk. Failure to give the key to the new occupant may result in the revocation of study room privileges.

  8. To respect individuals privacy, Library staff will not disclose study room usage or reservation details.

  9. Reservations are subject to cancellation if the person who made the reservation does not check in within fifteen (15) minutes of the reservation start time.

Revised and Adopted: August 16, 2023, Librarians Meeting

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