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The University Libraries welcome New Jersey Institute of Technology students, faculty and staff to use our buildings and resources. The primary purpose of University Libraries' computers and computer equipment is to meet the research and study needs of the students, faculty and staff of NJIT. It is the responsibility of each computer user to adhere to the University Libraries Computer Use Policy and follow standards of acceptable behavior as defined in the Library’s Code of Conduct Policy and NJIT's Acceptable Use Policy for Cyber Resources, as well as consistent with the following resources: 

  • Students needing computers for course-related learning, information and research needs have priority at all times. The second priority is given to students, faculty and staff needing other types of computer use that either directly or indirectly supports the educational, research and service needs of the university.
  • To use a computer in the Information Commons computer lab, students, faculty and faculty staff must log in to the NJITDM environment using their UCID login and password. All users with a password or account problems should direct their concerns to the Lab Consultant or call 973-596-2900 for assistance.
  • Users may not hold a computer workstation by leaving their personal belongings. The Library is not responsible for unattended items left at the computer workstation. 
  • The computer security lockout will automatically activate after the computer remains idle without user interaction for 30-minutes. Once the lockout is activated, the Lab Consultant will be able to reboot all vacated computers so others may use them.
  • Guest patrons may use the computers designated for guest access along the semi-circle counter opposite the Information Commons computer lab. View the Computer Use Policy for Guest Patrons for information. 

Computer users are responsible for ethical and legal use of NJIT’s computing resources and must not use them in such ways that negatively impact the library environment for other students, library patrons and staff. This includes but not limited to:

  • Accessing or making any content that may be considered threatening, harassing, intimidating, demeaning, hostile, or offensive.
  • Disruptive behaviors, including playing audio from computers/or audible devices that can be heard by others.
  • Consuming food or drinks other than those in closed containers. View the Food and Drink Policy
  • Violation of copyright laws or electronic database licensing restrictions or any other NJIT policy. 
  • Altering the setup or configuration of the equipment or software on any computer, including the installation of software or hardware.
  • Using the computer to create an unwelcome environment for other library patrons.
  • Viewing pornography or other explicit or offensive content.

Computer users may be asked to show their NJIT or an acceptable ID card to an NJIT library staff member.  Access to the University Libraries Information Commons computer lab may be limited to those with NJIT ID. Computer users who violate the University’s Acceptable Use Policy for Cyber Resources may be asked to leave the premises and repeat violators may have their library privileges, including admittance to the Universities Libraries, suspended or revoked. Where appropriate, instances of misconduct may be reported to the Dean of Students and Campus Life or the Department of Public Safety.

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