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 Exhibits, Displays, Posters, & Flyers Policy


  1. The library can exhibit materials to showcase campus events, departments, faculty achievements, history, art, and more.

  2. Promotional materials for NJIT affiliated organizations and events can only be posted on the bulletin board at the library entrance. These materials must have a stamp and date from the Office of Residence Life and be approved (with date and initials) by a library staff member.  Library staff will regularly monitor posted materials and remove any that are outdated. Postings that are not approved will be removed.

  3. Posted materials must be in compliance with all university policies, including policies regarding non-discrimination. Under no circumstances will material not advertising an event or service be allowed (i.e. someone’s personal views, thoughts, etc.).

  4. Only library announcements, signs, flyers, etc. are permitted on the front doors of the library. No other flyers, posters, bulletins or publicity of any kind will be permitted on the library front doors.

  5. Advertisements for services or items for sale or rent may not be posted in the library and will be removed if found. 


Approved September 15, 2023, Librarians Team Meeting

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