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LaTeX for CoAD: Sections and Itemizing Lists

Sections and Lists

You can create numbered and unnumbered sections in LaTeX.  For unnumbered sections, include an asterisk after section.
For numbered sections use:
For unnumbered sections use:
Section Code in LaTex
Creating itemized and numbered lists in LaTex is relatively simple: use {itemize} for bullet points and {enumerate} for numbers
Simple Example:
  \item My first list item
  \item My second list item
Something a little more complex:
\item \textbf{\emph{RQ a}}: {How effectively can we model different aspects of exploratory search such as knowledge discovery, creativity, exploration using implicit features extracted from the user search process to identify underperforming users?}
\item \textbf{\emph{RQ b}}: {How effectively can we provide search process based recommendations to improve user search performance?}

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