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Introduction to LaTeX with ShareLaTeX

What is LaTeX?  LaTeX is a typesetting software that allows users to draft documents in formatted templates.  It is particularly successful at managing mathematical formulae.  By learning a few quick markup and formatting techniques, users are able to create publication-ready documents.  

Collaborative LaTeX writing and publishing tools:  The below tools let you view your code and the compiled code side-by-side.  They also allow you to share your document and write collaboratively.  

ShareLatex: (used in this guide)


*These two tools/companies have recently merged.  

Quick Reference Markup Language:

\cite {}  \usepackage{graphicx}   
\section{ }
\bibliography{filename}     \includegraphics{ }  \section*{ } \end{equation}
  \caption{ } \begin{itemize} \begin{tabular}
  \centering \end{itemize} \end{tabular}
  [scale=] \begin{enumerate}   
  \listoffigures  \end{enumerate}   


For detailed instructions on using LaTex:


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