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LaTeX for CoAD: Bibliographies in LaTeX with BibTeX

BibTeX Citations

What is BibTeX?
BibTeX is a bibliographic tool often used with LaTeX.  It always you to create in-text citations and reference lists.  

Exported BibTeX citations look something like this:


These can be exported from most databases (such as library databases or Google Scholar) using the cite tab or link.


Save or copy and paste these into your .bib file.  Then use the \cite {} command in your .tex file to insert citations as you write.  The reference list will be automatically added and inserted according to the template style.  BibTeX citations can also be exported form most bibliographic management software systems, such as EndNote, Mendeley, or Zotero.

To create an in-text citation and a reference for the above exported BibTeX citation you would type \cite {erler2006women} 

* If you are starting a document from scratch in LaTeX or your template doesn’t contain a bibliography, include these two commands to link your .tex file.  This will link your .bib file to your .tex file.

\bibliographystyle{style} should go inside the \begin{document} command.  Style files have the suffix .bst 

\bibliography{filename} should go wherever you want LaTeX to generate the bibliography, where filename.bib is the name of the file and its citations imported into LaTeX





However, most LaTeX templates will include style and bib files (see Elsevier’s .bst and .bib below)



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