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Film and Architecture: Film Archives and Collections

Local Archives, Museums, and Collections

American Film Institute: Established in 1967, the American Film Institute is the nation’s primary nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and inspiring artists and audiences through initiatives that champion the past, present and future of the moving image.

Anthology Film Archives: "An international center for the preservation, study, and exhibition of film and video, with a particular focus on independent, experimental, and avant-garde cinema."

Electronic Arts Intermix: "The EAI media art collection is recognized as one of the largest and most comprehensive resources for video art and moving image media in the world. Spanning the mid-1960s to the present, the collection features over 3,500 experimental media artworks by 200 artists."

George Eastman Museum: "Founded in 1947 as an independent nonprofit institution, it is the world’s oldest photography museum and one of the oldest film archives. The museum holds unparalleled collections—encompassing several million objects—in the fields of photography, cinema, and photographic and cinematographic technology, and photographically illustrated books. The institution is also a longtime leader in film preservation and photographic conservation."

MoMA: The film department’s collection "now includes more than 22,000 films and four million film stills; the strongest international film collection in the United States, it incorporates all periods and genres." 

Museum of the Moving Image: "Advances the understanding, enjoyment, and appreciation of the art, history, technique, and technology of film, television, and digital media by presenting exhibitions, education programs, significant moving-image works, and interpretive programs, and collecting and preserving moving-image related artifacts."

New York Public Library for the Performing Arts: Comprised of theater, dance, and music divisions, as well as archives of recorded sound and an extensive reserve film and video collection.  

The Whitney Museum of American Art: "Film and video holdings form an important part of the Whitney’s permanent collection, tracing the early beginnings of video art and film installation through to the newest works produced by contemporary artists...The Whitney’s holdings of film and video now form one of the major collections in the field, and have become an important locus for art historical scholarship."


Films Online Aggregator of (mostly) public domain and creative commons film content. Particularly strong in early and silent cinema. Silent Film Highlights include: "Les Vampires"Das Kabinett des Doktor Caligari ( The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari )Dr. Mabuse, The Gambler (Dr. Mabuse der Spieler) and the George Melies Collection. Sound and image quality varies.  

UbuWeb: Site for experimental and avant garde film, art, music, and video (not public domain or creative commons: "films are presented for educational and non-commercial use only. All copyrights belong to the artists.").  Architecture and film highlights include: Le Corbusier's collaboration with Edgar Varese, Ant FarmGordon Matta-Clark, Robert SmithsonR. Buckminster FullerAntonio Gaudi, and Shock of the New (1982).

Library of Congress, Film and Video: Collection of historic film from contributors such as Thomas A. Edison Inc., The American Folklife Center, and American Mutoscope and Biograph Company

Events and Symposia

Black Maria Film Festival "Since 1981, the Black Maria Film Festival has been celebrating and preserving the diversity, invention, and vitality of the short film. The Festival's home is New Jersey City University in Jersey City, NJ and is named after Thomas Edison's original West Orange film studio dubbed the "Black Maria" because of its resemblance to the black-box police paddy wagons of the same name."

Home Movie Day"Home Movie Day is a celebration of amateur films and filmmaking held annually at many local venues worldwide. Home Movie Day events provide the opportunity for individuals and families to see and share their own home movies with an audience of their community, and to see their neighbors’ in turn."

Montclair Film Festival : An annual festival that "connects global filmmakers with audiences in a diverse, culturally vibrant community by presenting films and year-round programs that engage, entertain and educate through the power of visual storytelling."

Orphan Film Symposium: Annual event highlighting films outside the commercial mainstream that have been abandoned by their creator or copyright owner. Often films culturally significant but vulnerable to neglect because they are ephemeral or fall outside of traditional collection and preservation initiatives. Examples include but are not limited to "public domain materials, home movies, outtakes, unreleased films, industrial and educational movies, independent documentaries, ethnographic films, newsreels, censored material, underground works, experimental pieces, silent-era productions, stock footage, found footage, medical films, kinescopes."

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