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Off Campus Access: Getting Started

This guide provides information about OpenAthens and EZproxy authentication to access the library's subscribes resources from off-campus.

How Do I Access Library Resources from Off Campus?

  • Option 1 - start from anywhere, find what you want and log in with your NJIT UCID credentials when prompted.

  • Option 2 - start from the NJIT library website, or the A-Z Database list, find what you want and log in with your NJIT UCID credentials when prompted.

Current NJIT students, faculty, and staff members accessing electronic resources from on-campus are typically recognized as authorized users via the campus network connection. However, off-campus access must be authorized using an authentication method.

Off-Campus Authentication

The NJIT Library is pleased to introduce a new Single Sign On (SSO) technology powered by OpenAthens for off-campus authentication. OpenAthens enables authorized NJIT members to use their NJIT UCID credentials to access electronic resources from anywhere (Google Scholar, publisher/vendor websites, and search engines, etc.) and from the library curated routes (library catalog, discovery layer, reading list system, etc.)

The NJIT Library offers three off-campus authentication options: OpenAthens (recommended option), VPN (full tunnel option), and EZProxy (legacy option).

On-Campus Wireless Access

The NJIT IST Division provides wireless access throughout the NJIT campus, including the Van Houten and Littman Libraries.

Types of wireless access:

  1. Current students, faculty, and staff with a valid UCID credentials may use the NJITsecure network to remain authenticated without having to reenter their NJIT UCID credentials until their password is reset.
  2. Outside guests and alumni visiting the NJIT campus may use the NJITguest network to access the public network and NJIT's public internet resources.
  3. Edurom is available to NJIT students, faculty, staff, and visitors from other participating institutions to connect securely to the internet. It does not provide access to NJIT's internal network. Use a fully qualified account name and domain in the format of
  4. NJIoT is a wireless network designed to support "Internet of Things" devices.

If you need further assistance, contact the IST Support Desk at 973-596-2900,, or visit the NJIT IST Service Desk located in the Van Houten Library.

Off-Campus Access for Alumni

Electronic licensing restrictions prohibit the NJIT Library from offering off-campus access to NJIT alumni, guest borrowers, and visitors. Once students graduate from NJIT, they can no longer have full access to NJIT's library electronic resources from off-campus. However, alumni have limited access to library's electronic resources from off-campus.

Walk-in access is available for accessing library's electronic resources from onsite locations. Read more about Computer Use for Guests guidelines.

Off-Campus Access for Visiting Scholars

Visiting scholars are considered NJIT employees. If they are allocated a UCID and NJITDM account they will be able to access “NJITsecure”; otherwise, they can access “NJITguest”. Only those with an NJITDM account may be able to access the Library's electronic resources remotely from off-campus.

If you need further assistance with accessing an NJITDM account - contact the IST Support Desk at 973-596-2900,, or visit the NJIT IST Service Desk located in the Van Houten Library.

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