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Guide to ORCID: Home

Tips for Using ORCID

  • Make sure you keep your information and publications up to date
  • Be consistent on all of your profiles (ORCID, Google Scholar, website) in terms of how you present your name and what image you use
  • Cross-link profiles to one another so other scholars can confirm your work or see your other publications
  • Check for spelling or punctuation errors to ensure that your work is discoverable 


What is ORCID?

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ORCID is a registry of research identifiers. Its purpose is to distinguish scholars from one another (regardless of name variants) and provide those scholars with a means of linking to and sharing their research objects with others, including journal articles, data sets, multimedia projects, and patents. ORCID's goal is to provide one central service that links with other research identifiers. This eliminates scholars' need to enter and re-enter the same data and information in different systems. 

ORCID is open access and free to download. It is especially useful for linking to one's work on a personal website, on a grant application, or on a patent application. In addition, ORCID's services are for scholars in any discipline, type of organization, or geographic location. 

Learn more about ORCID. Learn more about ORCID's privacy policy.

ORCID has a helpful FAQ section that answers questions about their policies as well as the technical side of their service. 



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