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Literature Reviews

Templates for Proposal Writing

Content of a proposal for a thesis or any research project

Full Pdf from Rutgers University

  1. What do you call this investigation?
  2. What problem or area will you investigate in general?
  3. Why is this problem important to investigate?
  4. What was previously done in relation to this problem? What were some of the significant studies? (Literature review)
  5. What theory or model is going to guide your research?
  6. What will you specifically investigate or do in the framework of that problem? What are your specific research questions or hypotheses?
  7. How will each research question be addressed? What methods will you use for each research question?
  8. How will the results be analyzed?
  9. What are the deliverables? What can or will be gained by investigation of this problem?

Avoid Patchwriting

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