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Civil & Environmental Engineering

Resources for Civil and Environmental Engineering faculty and students.

What are standards? Why are they important?

Standards are established norms and agreed-upon ways of doing things and designing things. Engineering standards make sure that safety needs are met, interoperability works out, and more. 

Standards are created by committees within organizations -- from professional societies to government agencies. 

Using standards means that you are following regulations in some cases and in other cases it means you are following a consensus on the best way of doing something; still yet, you may be doing everything you can to make your product marketable and safe.

Read more about standards from the NIST Standards Page and the ISO Standards Page

Standards -- Civil Engineering

Here is a list of standards often used in Civil Engineering: 

Obtaining Standards

Standards are an important part of engineering design -- however, they can be very expensive. Digital Rights Management can make them difficult to use as well. Here are some strategies for obtaining standards -- don't hesitate to ask a librarian for assistance in getting the standards you need.

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