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New York Times Online: FAQ

International Editions

Both Chinese and Spanish editions of the Times are available by clicking on the desired link on the home page. 


Why use the Pass to read The New York Times online?
Without a subscription or a grouppass through NJIT you would be limited in the number of free full articles  (including blog posts, slide shows and other multimedia features) you could read each month.

Do I use my NJIT email address?
Yes, use your NJIT email address to create an account.

What are the restrictions?
You need to be connected to your institution’s network to activate the Pass. It must be renewed annually.  Access to the full text of articles published between 1923 to 1980 is limited to 5 articles per year.  
Access to the full archives is limited when using mobile apps.

Can I access The Times from off-campus?
Yes, as long as you have previously activated your Pass from within your institution’s network.

Can I access the Times from my mobile device?
There are NYTimes mobile apps for most phones and tablets, including Kindle Fire.  These are included as part of the Academic Pass. Mobile apps for tablets are not part of the Academic Pass. However, you can access formatted for mobile users by visiting using your smartphone or tablet browser.

Why am I asked to log in on some occasions and not others?

Some internet browsers enable “'private browsing”' or “incognito browsing.” These settings inhibit the use of cookies and therefore users would be prompted to log into each time they want to access the site. Eliminating these setting should resolve that problem. Another issue could be automatic cache clearing was set up on your computer.  This would eliminate the cookie requiring the user to log into the site if the cookie has been removed.

How long does my academic pass last?
Once you have activated your academic pass, it should allow you full access for 52 weeks (364 days) with no further action on your part. After that, just login again at with the same credentials you used to register.  You can set a calendar reminder to renew your pass each year (see box on this page).

I already have a NYT digital account? What do I do?
At the initial registration page, look for: Already have an account? Log in here. You cannot get a refund for an existing paid account, but you can cancel your account and not pay beyond any time period already paid for.  The New York Times Academic Site License has some restrictions that your personal subscription may not have.  Consider the options carefully before deciding one way or another.

How can I renew an expired pass? 
To renew an expired pass, visit and select “log in here.” Then use the same log in you used for your old account. To reset password, go to

What content can I access?
The license gives NJIT  users access to nearly all New York Times online content, except the crossword puzzle, which requires a separate subscription. You can access the daily newspaper and the archives.  With a separate registration you can also access the NYTimes in Education website.  You are limited to 5 archived articles per year within the date range 1923-1980.

How do I get to the archives?

  • You can use the regular search function on the newspaper header which returns results from current issues and archives then filter the results.  
  • To browse the archive of scanned issues from 1851-2002, try the NYT TimesMachine.  
  • The TimesMachine link also appears at the bottom of any NYTimes page.

Why doesn't a search from the library homepage take me to the digital New York Times?
This is due to a limitation of the SEARCH ALL feature.  Your search result will find NYTimes articles available in text only through Nexis UNI and other databases. Once you have the article citation, you can re-search the digital NYTimes to locate the same story in NYTimes digital format if you prefer.  Not all NYTimes articles appear in all editions of the newspaper (i.e., print, digital, US edition, NY and regional editions, International editions)

Can I read the New York Times in a foreign language?
Yes, the Times appears in Chinese and Spanish daily.  Click the language under the masthead to access.

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