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Access Engineering User Guide

Having Trouble with Access?

If you have logged into NJIT's Interlibrary Loan System ILLiad, there may be issues accessing AccessEngineering.  To fix the access issue, please try clearing your web browser cache.  We are currently investigating this matter.

If that still does not work to fix your access to AccessEngineering please try following the instructions provided in the link below and see if you can resolve it, before contacting a librarian

Thanks for your patience while we work on resolving this AccessEngineering access issue.

Access Engineering Quick Start Guide

What is Access Engineering?

Create a Personal Account in Access Engineering

Why create a personal account?

Creating a personal account provides you with additional valuable tools within AccessEngineering, including bookmarking content, saving DataVis projects, saving searches, and organizing research with labels.  A personal account also enables you to sign up for various alerts including new book alerts, saved search alerts, and spreadsheet update alerts.

How do I register for a free personal account?

  • Click on the yellow My Account button in the site header
  • Select Log in via email/username
  • Click Register, then fill in the form with your name, email address, and a password 
  • (Optional) Select topics of interest to receive email alerts when new content is added in those areas


  • Personal accounts are an optional feature and are not required to view or use any of the content on the site.
  • Personal accounts do not replace authentication via your institution; you must access the database from the NJIT Library Website, provide your UCID and password or connect to NJIT VPN.

Searching for Content in Access Engineering


  • Typeahead suggests matching taxonomy terms as you type
  • Results include matches on your exact search phrase, as well as matches on synonyms, sub-terms, and near-phrase matches

  • Related search terms and a dictionary definition appear in the search results
  • For more complex queries:
    • Boolean operators - power OR supply, power AND supply, power NOT supply
    • Grouping - (power AND supply) OR (power AND demand)
    • Wildcards - sup* will identify supply, support, superior


  • Three browsing taxonomies were created with the help of subject matter experts
  • Content is tagged to taxonomy terms using a semi-automated approach with context rules
  • Select multiple terms in the browse window, or use the search bar in the window to search the taxonomy
  • Browse options include:
    • Browse by Subject - drill down through 10 levels of terms, starting from the major engineering disciplines
    • Browse by Course - choose terms from course outlines 5 levels deep for 30 common engineering courses
    • Browse by Industry - see content tagged to 11 interdisciplinary industries

Result Filters:

  • Additional terms from browse taxonomies
  • Book Type (handbook, textbook, etc), Book Title and Book Author
  • Book Component (chapters, figures, tables, example problems)
  • Equations and Codes & Standards commentary

Access Engineering Content

BOOKS - Filter to specific book components including figures, tables, graphs, and example problems. Categories of books on AccessEngineering include:

INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS - AccessEngineering has over 1000 instructional videos created by engineering faculty that show step-by-step solutions to example problems.  All videos offer closed captioning and full transcripts.

GRAPHS, TABLES, & FIGURES - AccessEngineering's interactive graphs and downloadable tables and figures help users visualize and analyze data.  Pinpoint values on a graph or input specific values for the variables.  Download data from tables into an Excel spreadsheet for further data manipulation. 

SPREADSHEET CALCULATORS; - AccessEngineering’s Excel spreadsheet calculators contain embedded data and formulas to streamline complex calculations.  Download in Excel and save to your computer for offline use.

USER MANUALS & TUTORIALS - View available video tutorials and comprehensive user guides providing step-by-step instructions on how to use AccessEngineering's personalized research tools.  LibGuide content is available for copy and reuse in your own research guides.

Access Engineering Search & Filter Results Tutorial

Access Engineering Browse by Subject Tutorial

Access Engineering - Navigating Book Content

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