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Freshman Seminar: Test Your Knowledge

Guide can be used to present library information and resources to new students

Types of Materials

How can I find the following materials using the library website (

  • Building the internet of things : implement new business models, disrupt competitors, and transform your industry / Maciej Kranz [Book]
  • IEEE Xplore [Database]
  • “Computers & Electrical Engineering” [Journal]
  • New York Times [Online Magazine]

Information Searching

Use the Web or Library search tool to find background information on the following technology:


Which definition describes what "Blockchain" is?
Definition 1 - are a form of decentralized recordkeeping popularized by cryptocurrency: 45 votes (83.33%)
Definition 2 - payment system that involves electronic currency that is exchanged using open-source software: 7 votes (12.96%)
Definition 3 - a trend of more and more devices being connected to the Internet and to each other: 2 votes (3.7%)
Total Votes: 54

Popular versus Scholarly

Take a moment to review the articles below. 

Which article comes from a scholarly source? Explain...
Article 1 - Demistifying the Blockchain: 3 votes (3.3%)
Article 2 - Branch based blockchain technology in intelligent vehicle: 88 votes (96.7%)
Total Votes: 91

Mozart vs. Beyonce


Mozart outsold Beyonce in CDs in 2016

Is this information true?
Yes: 96 votes (91.43%)
No: 3 votes (2.86%)
Not sure: 6 votes (5.71%)
Total Votes: 105

Peer-Reviewed Articles on Blockchain

Using the Library search tool (,  are there any peer-reviewed articles that discuss "Blockchain" AND the "Internet of Things"?

Yes: 43 votes (59.72%)
No: 29 votes (40.28%)
Total Votes: 72

Can the "Blockchain" technology be used to help end world hunger? 

Yes: 44 votes (57.14%)
No: 33 votes (42.86%)
Total Votes: 77

Understanding Citations

Which of the following reference citations comes from a book?



  1.  Li, H., Yin, X., Yang, Z., Liu, G., & Casazza, M. (2017). Analyzing virtual water pollution transfer embodied in economic activities based on gray water footprint: A case study. Journal of Clearn Production, 161:1064-1073. 
  2. b. Knight, A. W., & Simmons, M. A. (1980). Water pollution:  A guide to information sources Detroit, Mich. : Gale Research Co., c1980.
  3. Belkin, D., & Hobbs, T. D. (2017, September 5). Houston’s Environmental Threats Come Into Focus. Wall Street Journal - Online Edition.  p. 1.
  4. Bell, A. G. (1876). U.S. Patent No. 174,465. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
  5. United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. (2008).  Indiana income limits. [Data file]. Retrieved from


Source 1: 8 votes (12.12%)
Source 2: 33 votes (50%)
Source 3: 2 votes (3.03%)
Source 4: 3 votes (4.55%)
Source 5: 20 votes (30.3%)
Total Votes: 66

What is this Resource?

The following reference citation is incomplete. Perform research using the Web and/or NJIT library search tool to identify the source and complete the reference citation.

Hussain, F. (2017) Internet of Things : Building Blocks and Business Models.

What is this source?
Book: 63 votes (50.4%)
Journal: 4 votes (3.2%)
Dataset: 7 votes (5.6%)
Twitter Entry: 51 votes (40.8%)
Total Votes: 125

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