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Leir Data Observatory Reservation: Learn More

This guide provides information for the use of the Leir Data Observatory by students and faculty of the Martin Tuchman School of Business Management


*The Leir Data Observatory is managed and operated by the Van Houten Library and Martin Tuchman School of Management.

History of Henry J. Leir Data Observatory

The Leir Data Observatory (CAB 2030) built within the Van Houten Library provides a dedicated high-tech space for graduate students and faculty from the Martin Tuchman School of Management to collaboratively study data sciences as it pertains to business and finance.

Data Science is typically associated with the world of computing and machine learning. NJIT offers several degrees, a seminar series and a research center. However, data science also impacts fields outside of core STEM such as digital design and management. Data does not belong to any discipline. The Leir Data Observatory is available to anyone in the university when Tuchman members are not using it.

Construction began in March 2020 and will be open in January 2021. The Data Observatory's star attraction is three (3) Epson overhead projectors that turn ordinary whiteboards into touchscreens. Using infrared cameras to detect the X, Y and Z coordinates of your finger position and they relay that data as a mouse click to the attached computer. The CAB 2030 room is abundant with network jacks, comfortable, flexible chairs, a large screen display monitor, and mobile, flexible meeting tables that adjust for sitting or standing heights. The users can access collaboration software from

Funding was provided as part of the $1.5 million grant behind the management school's Henry J. and Erna D. Leir Research Institute for Business, Technology and Society, which opened in 2018.

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