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CHEM 360: Environmental Chemistry

Useful for students in CHEM 360

Class Exercises

1. SEARCH EXERCISE: Search for articles regarding climate change and clouds using the “Search All” function on the library website and then in the database Scopus. *Filter results to only include peer-reviewed articles, full-text available, publication date of 2015-2018, from the Journal of Climate.


2. PRIMARY SOURCE EXERCISE: Determine which paper is a primary source article (an original research paper)


a. Wang, F., Zhao, X., Gerlein-Safdi, C., Mu, Y., Wang, D., & Lu, Q. (2017, February 1). Global sources, emissions, transport and deposition of dust and sand and their effects on the climate and environment: a review. Frontiers of Environmental Science and Engineering. Higher Education Press.

b. Tegen, I., & Fung, I. (1994). Modeling of mineral dust in the atmosphere’ transport, and optical thickness. Journal of Geophysical Research, 99(94), 22897–22914.


3. PEER-REVIEW EXERCISE: Using the Search Journals tab from the library website, determine which of the following journals is not peer-reviewed.

  • Environmental Science and Technology
  • ACS Central Science
  • Scientific American



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