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ENE 262 - Intro to Environmental Engineering

This research guide is for students of ENE262, Intro to Environmental Engineering

Finding research -- best bets

Strategies and Tips

Tip no.1

Look for peer-reviewed original research articles. Most library databases allow you limit your search to this type of publication. Need a refresher on these? Review the ENGL101/102 research guide on finding original research articles. 

Tip no. 2

Reading a lot of research articles for the first time can be a little overwhelming. Here's a secret -- not many people read a scientific/technical article from start to finish -- like you would a newspaper or magazine article. 

New to reading scientific articles? This research guide from the University of Portland has a lot of good sources of advice. I particularly like the quote “Nothing makes you feel stupid quite like reading a scientific journal article” from one of the sources here. Look around youtube for additional emotional and practical support.

Tip no. 3

See "who cited who" -- if you find a really relevant article, use Scopus or Google Scholar to see who has used that article in their references.

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