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Leir Data Observatory Reservation: Equipment and Usage Guidelines

This guide provides information for the use of the Leir Data Observatory by students and faculty of the Martin Tuchman School of Business Management

Equipment, Technology and Furniture


  • 3 Epson overhead projectors
  • Touch screen boards
  • 2 laptop computers
  • 2 touch pencils for use with touch screen boards
  • 1 digital display monitor with WiFi access
  • 3 whiteboards


  • 6 flexible tables
  • 8 chairs
  • 4 lounge portable chairs


Quickstart Instructions

Using the first larger blended screen (located on the left side):

  • Turn on by using the "elf" controller behind the podium. Projector should automatically display the build-in computer.
  • Keyboard and mouse control on the podium control the left projection screen.
  • Screen is not compatible with a laptop. Use the build-in PC when in use.

Using the second screen (located on the right side):

  • Turn on by using the "right" controller behind the podium. Choose PC to use the build-in PC or laptop to connect to your laptop.
  • Use both cables on the podium to connect your laptop.
    • HDMI cable for video output and the USB cable to use touch.
  • There is a PC and mouse that can be used to control the second screen PC in the podium. Only use when necessary.

Tips for Using Touch Screen

  • Both screens are touch enabled for use without a keyboard or mouse.
  • Using the tip of your fingernail when touching the screen enables a more precise touch.
  • There are two touch "pencils" mounted to the right of the second screen. These can be used for more precision using touch.
  • On the bottom right hand side of each screen is a virtual keyboard that can be use to type directly onto the screen.

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