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Liaison Program @ NJIT

This guide provides information about the subject librarian liaison to the departments at NJIT.

Subject Specialist


Each reference librarian at NJIT is assigned as a liaison to a number of different departments on campus and acts as a single point of contact for individuals in those departments with more in-depth or subject-specific needs.


Subject / Department Librarian Email Phone
Architecture, Art and Design Maya Gervits (973) 642-4390
Bio Medical Engineering Joseph Mercuri (973) 596-8498
Biological Sciences Joseph Mercuri (973) 596-8498
Chemical, Biological & Pharmaceutical Engineering Joanne Dera (973) 642-4950
Chemistry and Environmental Science Joanne Dera (973) 642-4950
Civil and Environmental Engineering Joanne Dera (973) 642-4950
Computer science Joseph Mercuri (973) 596-8498
Distance Learning Joseph Mercuri (973) 596-8498
Electrical and Computer Engineering Raymond Vasquez (973) 642-4977
Engineering Technology Raymond Vasquez (973) 642-4977
Federated History Davida Scharf (973) 642-4397
Humanities Davida Scharf (973) 642-4397
Information Literacy Davida Scharf (973) 642-4397
Information Systems Joseph Mercuri (973) 642-4397
Management Davida Scharf (973) 642-4397
Mathematical Sciences Joseph Mercuri (973) 596-8498
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Raymond Vasquez (973) 642-4977
Physics Joanne Dera (973) 642-4950


NJIT librarian liaison program began in 1992. Each NJIT reference librarian is assigned one or more academic departments and acts as a single point of contact for those faculty and students in such departments who require in-depth or subject-specific assistance. Each reference librarian is expected to:

  • Develop subject expertise relevant to the disciplines of each assigned department; keep abreast of recent technical advances and trends.
  • Provide faculty and students with Information searching assistance.
  • Act as a single point of contact between individual users and the library to provide literature searching services and other customized information products. Maintain on-going, information contacts with library users in order to obtain information about their work and feedback on library products and services.
  • Consult with NJIT faculty, administrative, and research personnel to learn of research projects which are underway or planned.
  • Work with the academic departments to establish library user groups; lead periodic meetings. Meet regularly with users throughout the departments and attends technical programs in the departments.
  • Promote library services to potential users; devise and make user information presentations on library services and products. Devise displays and promotional publications.

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