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Science Technology and Society: Paper Ideas

Top Tech Innovations

The Top 66 Inventions of the Past 66 Years  --Popular Mechanics' expert-created list of innovations from 1955-2002

The 50 Greatest Breakthroughs Since the Wheel--From The Atlantic magazine, a list created by a panel of scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, and technology historians

Great Inventions that Changed the World  book by James Wei.  Hoboken:  WIley.   2012.

10 Breakthrough Technologies  MIT Technology Review's top 10 technological breakthroughs for the current year; for past years, click on Years +

Food for Thought

A bibliography on Science, Technology, and Society

Ayres, Jr., B.D. New York Times. 1979. Three Mile Island: Notes From a Nightmare. April 16.

Shalett, S. New York Times. 1945. First Atomic Bomb Dropped on Japan; Missile Is Equal to 20,000 Tons of TNT; Truman Warns Foe of a “Rain of Ruin.”

Disasters and more

Engineering disasters - lessons to be learned book by Don Lawson.  London : Professional Engineering, 2005.

"Welcome to the Failure Age!"   Nov. 2014 article from The New York Times Magazine about the by-products of innovation. Note: If you've exhausted the NYT's 10-free-article-views-per-month limit, you can still get the article through the Libraries subscription via the Factiva database. In the search box, enter "Welcome to the Failure Age" (include the quotation marks).

5 Advanced Ancient Technologies That Shouldn't Be Possible  The Ancients had more advanced technologies than we realized.

 From the Titanic to the Challenger : an annotated bibliography on technological failures of the twentieth century   book by Susan Davis Herring. 
New York : Garland Pub., 1989.


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