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Animal Behavior - Fall 2012: Get Started

This guide provides information resources to students taking a course in Animal Behavior

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  Databases in Biological Sciences

Databases with Information in Animal Behavior from Rutgers

  • Biological and Agricultural Index
  • Biosis Previews
  • Primate Lit

Selected Books in Animal Behavior

Selected Web Sites

This list was compiled by Helaine Selin of Hampshire College and used with permission

  • Animal Behavior and Ethology Links to diverse sites on the topic. Some links are full-text of useful articles and textbooks. Covers communication, mating behavior, predatory behavior, animal consciousness, and some laboratory material.
  • Animal Behavior Society Non-profit scientific society, founded to encourage and promote the study of animal behavior.
  • Animal Behavior, Comparative Psychology, and Ethology Resources Links to useful sites on animal behavior and ethology. From the online Dictionary of Psychology.
  • Animal Diversity Web (ADW) Database of animal natural history, distribution, classification, and conservation biology. Includes information about both phyla and specific species; some photos and sound files. From the University of Michigan.
  • ARKive Images, information, and some sound and movie files of British and endangered animals. Includes useful links and annotations related to each species.
  • BiologyBrowser -- Behavior Annotated links to all aspects of animal behavior.
  • Living Links Information about human and animal evolution, including a primate taxonomy, some full-text articles, and links to related sites. From the Center for the Advanced Study of Ape and Human Evolution at Emory University.
  • National Zoo's Primate Conservation and Science: Cognition Cognitive research on great apes, giant pandas, sloth bears, and other ursids, as well as variety of other species. Studies in language, foraging for food, and citations to scholarly publications by zoo staff.
  • NetVet Electronic Zoo Mailing Lists Links to mailing lists for all sorts of animals.
  • Philosophy of Cognitive Ethology Essay on philosophy of mind and ethology. Contains good bibliography at the end.
  • Tree of Life Information about phylogenetic relationships, characteristics of organisms, and biodiversity. Includes images, citations, and Web links for organisms. From the University of Arizona.

    Specific animals
  • Primate Info Net Links to resources about nonhuman primates in research, education, and conservation. Offers PrimateLit, a database of articles about primates, and Callicam, a webcam of a Common Marmoset. From the Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • The Bear Den Learn about 8 species of bears and hear bear sounds.
  • Canidae links from Biology Browser. Links about dogs and wolves.
  • North American Mammals Search for a species by name, location, conservation status, or look at skulls / teeth. From the Smithsonian.
  • Wildlife Sounds Search or browse this collection of more than 130,000 scientifically organized and documented recordings of all classes of sound-producing animals from every zoogeographical region. From the Wildlife Section of The British Library National Sound Archive (NSA). (Free RealAudio Player is required to listen).

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